Mattress Facts

Mattress and Sleep Facts

In the article Bed, Mattress and Sleep Facts the unnamed author points out some very interesting (and sometimes gross) things about our mattresses and beds. Since there are no citations for the article, I’m not sure how many of these things are actually verifiable “facts,” but they are interesting.Here are a few:*We use our beds more than any other item of furniture.

*The average life of a mattress is 10 years.

*A comfortable bed will give you around one hour’s extra sleep a night.

*You move approximately 60 – 70 times a night with up to a dozen full body turns.

*You grow 2 cm during the night because your spine is compressed during the day and has a chance to straighten at night.

*85% of doctors believe there is a link between old beds and asthma.

*Your mattress can double in weight with dust over 10 years.

*10% of your pillow weight may be made up of dead dust mites.

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