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A perfect pillow is a critical component of a complete sleep system. The support and comfort offered by a pillow is instrumental in contributing to a good night’s rest. All too often uncomfortable sleep – or lack of sleep altogether – is attributed to the mattress only. Without an appropriate pillow, even the best mattress will not cure body aches, joint pains and sore backs and necks.

We are all hesitant and often stubborn to change from a pillow that we think we like. We can be uninformed of the increased comfort that the correct pillow can add to our quality of sleep. The Z™ pillow collection offers a unique array of pillows consisting of different materials, profiles and densities to guarantee a pillow custom designed to fit your comfort needs.

Memory foam captures your body heat to collapse the structure of the foam, allowing it to mold around your body. The downside is that memory foam will retain this heat. Malouf already fights this heat with their advanced open-cell construction which promotes air circulation for a cooler sleep, but this pillow takes it one step further.

Malouf MFDough® Memory Foam

The Z Dough® Foam is a unique memory foam that brings you comfort and support. The Z Formula produces a superior, softer foam that is still firm enough to support the natural curves of your head, neck, and shoulders. The Dough® memory foam has been molded as opposed to cut, making the pillow more effectively conform to your weight and pressure for individualized comfort. Memory foam is best for those who wake up with sleeping aches and pains, as it is able to adjust to your natural pressure points and correctly aligns your spine.

Malouf GelGel Dough®

Z-Gel™ was infused into the Dough® memory foam to create something even cooler, softer, and doughier than the already advanced Dough® memory foam. The Gel beads will capture and dissipate your body heat for a cooler night’s sleep. A luxuriously soft and removable bamboo velour cover comes with this pillow. The 5-year warranty protects the pillow and cover against manufacturer’s defects.

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