Sleeping Facts

132 Million Americans Complain About the Lack of Sleep

  • The average American adult gets 6.9 hours sleep per night
  • 63 Million American are chronically sleep deprived
  • 25 Million adults are on non-traditional work schedules that cause sleepiness
  • 42% of adults suffer from insomnia weekly
  • 31% of all drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel at least once in their life
  • Sleep deprivation costs $100 Billion Annually
  • Mattress Importance is Grossly Unrecognized

Sleep is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

    • Sleep Determines Quality of Our waking Life
      • Alertness, Energy, Mood, Thinking, Productivity, Safety, Health and Longevity
    • The Sleeping Brain Promotes Synaptic Growth
      • Physical Activity in brain to promote memory, problem solving and creativity (REM)
    • For Peak Performance, We MUST invest 1/3 of Our Life in Sleep
      • Quality of sleep is as important as the quantity of sleep

Impact of Quality Sleep Loss

      • Drowsiness; Microsleeps
      • Mood Shifts; Anxiety; Depression
      • Decreased Motor Performance
      • Decreased Cognitive Performance
        • Ability to Concentrate and Remember
        • Communication and Decision Skills
        • Ability to Handle Complicated Tasks
        • Productivity and Creativity

Did You Know?

      • One Hour Deprivation = 25% Loss In Productivity
      • 1 Drink on 6 Hours Sleep = 6 Drinks on 8 Hours
      • 6 Hours Sleep or Less = 50% Lower Resistance to Viral Infections
      • 6 Hours of continuous Sleep is More Restorative than 8 Hours of Interrupted Sleep

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