Mattress Terminology

Here are a few clues to mattress terminology:

Pillowtop mattress underneath is an ordinary bed, but one that has a cushioning layer on top which is typically made from fiber, foam or down feathers. It is secured on top of the mattress and will often give the entire bed a larger than life look.

Eurotop is an extra layer of foam, cotton etc. in a covering that is sewn to the top of a mattress… it’s also called pillowtop.

Innerspring mattress is made of metal coils with a covering of foam

Continuous Coil is an innerspring mattress coil configuration where each row of coils is made from a single piece of wire.

Ticking is the outer covering of a mattress. It needs to be quality and long wearing.

Latex is a natural rubber foam, memory foam is a heat sensitive foam that will conform to your body. You’ll find the words NASA thrown around a lot to impress you.

Boxspring is designed to support an innerspring mattress. A mattress and boxspring together comprise a sleep set

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